Galveston County Mutual Assistance Partnership

Partnering with Galveston County nonprofits for successful outcomes.

GCMAP is a growing collective of community leaders and nonprofit member agencies that have recognized the need for strong partnerships and collaborative strategies to ensure successful outcomes for a healthier Galveston County community. GCMAP works to support, connect, and strengthen the non-profit agencies in Galveston County. GCMAP assists by helping to identify and address the mutual concerns and issues of the nonprofit sector; leveraging opportunities to utilize economies of scale.

Working to unify the voice of nonprofit sector in Galveston County.

GCMAP was created to act as a vehicle to promote a viable, unified nonprofit community and decrease the disconnectedness of non-profit sector in Galveston County by galvanizing collaborative partnerships. GCMAP operates as both resource and facilitator for collaboration, cooperation, and strategic coordination between participating non-profit agencies. GCMAP attempts to help its’ members use their collective strength to develop city-wide service streams and service models which will promote and enhance Galveston County.

GCMAP Offers these Core Components:

Capacity Building

  • Providing capacity building to nonprofits in Galveston County through education,resource development, access to technical assistance, referrals and other special initiatives. Helping
    non-profit agencies navigate through the challenging times and disruptive forces that prevent opportunities for growth.

Networking and Training

  • Promoting best practices in non-profit administration and governance; providing peer learning, information exchange, and networking opportunities for executive directors, board members, volunteer and program coordinators.


  • Raising the profile of member organizations as service hubs in their communities and partnering to raise awareness around the issues affecting the people served.

Collaborative Initiatives

  • Participating and coordinating efforts to address new, on-going, critical and emergency situations affecting the lives of the clients served by member organizations.