The mission of GCMAP is to support the nonprofit sector as a collaborative driver of social change for a healthier Galveston County by providing assistance to organize, unify, and strengthen the voice of the nonprofit sector.

GCMAP mission focuses on building and undergirding the management capacity of nonprofits in Galveston County. We are working to enhance the positive impact of community-based nonprofits individually and collectively, through networking and training, outreach and collaborative initiatives.


Poised on Possibility… Evolving to meet the needs of Galveston County nonprofits.

  • To partner with Galveston County nonprofits and help maximize successful mission outcomes.


  • To provide access to resources needed to increase the efficacy of member agency’s mission footprint.


  • To promote leadership through workshops, collaborative meetings, and resource referral and development.


  • To provide a bridge for the sharing of intellectual resources, marketing assistance and leadership in non-profit polity and administration.


  • To provide opportunities to deliver a unified voice on emerging public policies that affect Galveston County.


  • To develop a centralized multi-agency forum where community stakeholders and executive directors can convene to collaborate on the current and critical needs of the Galveston County nonprofit sector.  
       –To encourage community-based strategic planning and networking
       -To engage in inter-agency projects and cross marketing efforts
       -To address mutual concerns about the “state of the community”- collectively and holistically


  • To increase their purchasing power by using economies of scale to provide discounts on products and services that meet the current needs of our members and the nonprofit sector as a whole.