During the height of the 2008 economic recession, the idea for Galveston County Mutual Assistance Partnership (GCMAP) emerged in response to the growing concerns voiced by the nonprofit agencies serving the Galveston County/Bay area communities on how to address the enormity of the recovery assistance needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike’s devastation.

Hampered by the decreasing access to public and private funding and challenged by the increasing demands for recovery assistance, concerned Galveston County nonprofits came together to discuss the “state of community” and determine strategies for sustained viability of service delivery and civic engagement.

Under the leadership of Bill Buffum, Galveston County Mutual Assistance Partnership (GCMAP) was formed. GCMAP attempted to enlist the efforts community-based nonprofits and leverage their energy to address the critical issues of Galveston County’s socio-economic well-being with a unified voice. Incorporated as a Texas nonprofit in September 2010, GCMAP is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.