Research, Education And Community Health Coalition (REACH) operates as an umbrella board developed to serve as the bidirectional mechanism to engage community leaders with multiple UTMB Center and Institute leaders to:

  • Build research and academic-community partnerships.
  • Inform research development and implementation across the translational spectrum from basic science to public health.
  • Impact community health and wellness through community intervention and dissemination of best practices.
  • Evaluate both process of networking and products.


REACH Galveston County Community Health Needs Assessment(CHNA):
Developing an Evidence-Base for Improving Health & Well-being in Galveston County

Galveston County Community Health Needs Assessment(CHNA) seeks to fill the data gap by providing both UTMB researchers and ourcommunity partners with better population health estimates for the county.

Advise leadership of UTMB Institute for Translational Science (ITS) and other Centers related to setting priorities, identifying issues of concern, and providing recommendations for governance as needed.

Serve as advising entity for research teams related to community-based and patient-engaged research. To be a liaison with the broader community for communication and dissemination of information.

Conducting the CHNA survey to retrieve the baseline estimates among the general adult population of Galveston County in terms of:

  • Demographics
  • Health status and Quality of Life.
  • Disease, Health determinant, and Health behavior prevalence.
  • Access to Health care< Primary care and Mental Health>, health-related services, and similar resources.
  • Access to other critical goods and services.
  • Perceptions of neighborhoods and communities in terms ofhealth, health risk, and health promotion.
  • Disaster Preparedness.


For more in depth information click on the Overview link provided below:
 OVERVIEW – The REACH Galveston County Health Needs Assessment